Stop Wasting Server Resources

Stop Wasting Server Resources

Our bet on computing capacity as a future commodity and the story of Helio: The next generation cloud for connecting unused server resources with applications that utilize it.

The digital economy is growing and expanding into every part of our lives. How often do we think about what powers our messengers, web searches, maps, and other digital apps & services? Not that often, and that's a shame. As our economy is undertaking a massive shift, so is our infrastructure. And the infrastructure that powers our future is digital.

Here are three interesting facts, I don't think you are aware of:

  • On average all servers on our planet have a utilization rate of ~14%
  • The heat that is generated by data centers in Europe alone is more than the entire heat consumption of Germany (and Heating is the main source of CO2 emissions in Energy)
  • Digital Infrastructure will make up 4-6% of global power consumption by 2022

At NBF we care about resource efficiency. Our work as a Think Tank as well as the Investments we make are focused on increasing the efficient use of resources, from buildings to agriculture down to the digital infrastructure that powers the tech-innovations of tomorrow.

We believe that server utilization presents a big waste of resources, especially when you consider the rare minerals and materials that go into making a server as well as the tremendous amount of power (primarily from fossil-fuels) that is consumed - even when the server is idle.

We are happy to have found Kevin & Christoph, who are committed to tackling this challenge with Helio. Helio is an open cloud platform, where any data center or server owner can bring their idling server capacity. On the flipside, computing-intensive applications can access cost-efficient, secure and more reliable computing. But, let's let Kevin & Christoph explain it:

As Mathias once said:

We are not investing in companies because they will succeed, but in companies that should succeed.


Welcome to the NBF Family, Kevin & Christoph - we are happy to be working with you.

Originally posted on LinkedIn.